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2014 - 2015

       Carl A. Furr Elementary School

       PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions Support) MATRIX









*Leave rocks, dirt and mulch on the ground

*Stay where adults can see you

*Keep hands, feet and all body parts to yourself

* Use quiet walking feet

*Keep eyes and body forward

*Level O at all times

*Keep your hands, feet, body parts and objects to yourself


*Stay seated at all times and face forward-“Once you sit, that’s it.”

*Use walking feet

*Keep hands, feet, and food to yourself

*Carry your tray with two hands



*Quiet walking feet

*Keep hands, feet, and body parts to yourself

*Follow stall routines and procedures


*Use Walking Feet

*Keep your body and other objects to yourself

*Use classroom tools for their purpose

*Remain in your designated area


*Patiently wait your turn for equipment

*Follow routines for entering and exiting

*Use playground equipment appropriately


*Walk in a straight line and walk on the right side

*Use stop and start points



* Eat quietly on a Level 0, Level 1, or Level 2

* Talk only to people at your table.

*Follow entry and dismissal routine

*Raise your hand if you need an adult.


*Level O

*Wait your turn

*Leave restroom neat and clean


*Stay on task

*Keep your area clean

*Put classroom supplies in their designated place

*Use appropriate voice levels, as directed by teacher

*Transition within the classroom appropriately

A-Act Responsibly

*Report problems to adults after trying to solve with words first

*Take care of playground equipment


* Report problems to a teacher

* Follow teacher directions


*Clean up area before leaving

*Bring nametags

*Put appropriate trash in trash cans and sort dishes

* Do classroom jobs in a timely and appropriate manner


*Flush the toilet

*Wash your hands

*Leave the restroom neat and clean

*Use soap (2 pumps) and paper towel (2 pulls) and throw away

*Report problems to adults


*Completing work to the best of your ability

*Be prepared for class by having all materials

*Finish work in a timely manner

*Follow directions



*Share with others

*Be a team player and a good sport

*Invite others to play with you

*Use kind words

*Maintain personal space

*Refrain from touching others’ work property

*Use good manners

*Have courteous and kind conversations

* Use food utensils appropriately

*Eat only your food.



*Value the privacy of others

* Exit the bathroom and rejoin your class

*Follow teacher directions

*Listen to others thoughts and ideas

*Treat materials that belong to others nicely

*Raise your hand to speak during instruction